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We believe the most dramatic improvement to a habitats design, is with the addition of our 3D backgrounds. Not only do they change the way it looks, but these backgrounds will help your reptile in many other ways. 

The materials used act as a great heat insulator, helping to maintain the correct temperatures throughout the habitat and basking areas. All of our backgrounds are mold resistant and water repellent too, which can help maintain great humidity levels when sprayed with a little water. 

The natural rock texture will help your reptile with regulating their body temperature, as they can climb, hunt, explore and rest on the deep, 3D, rocky surfaces. These rocky surfaces will also help the reptile during shedding periods, naturally sand their claws and help keep femoral pores clear.

Background + Sides (A)

Option 1

Bearded Dragon Stand Alone

Background + Sides (B)

Option 2

Leopard Gecko Stand Alone

Leopard Gecko Stand Alone

Customer Gallery

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