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Installation / Assembly

We recommend assembling the background inside of your enclosure. Because of this, you will need to temporarily re-house your reptile for the assembly process. *Please Note* We always try our best to make as perfect a fit as possible. However, as all backgrounds are hand made, without physical access to your vivarium. There may be occasions when small gaps are left after the background pieces are put into place. We have included both a “Filler Mix” and “Final Coat Mix” within your package (more information below).


  1. Place the background or sections of background into position inside of the vivarium, ensuring all background pieces are sitting plush against the walls of the vivarium.

  2. Once the background is in place, please inspect the background for any damage and ensure there is no loose debris left inside of the vivarium. It’s now time to use the filler mix to fill in any gaps, joints or damage to the background.

  3. Filler Mix. Please mix at a ratio of 8 parts mix, 1 part water. For example, 200g of Filler Mix and 25ml of water. Dampen any areas you are applying the filler to with water first, as it helps it to bond with the background. Apply the filler generously to any gaps or bare polystyrene, using the brush supplied. Once filled, dab the surface with the brush or sponge to blend it with the texture of the background. Now leave the filler to be touch dry and rinse the brush before continuing to the next step.

  4. Final Coat Mix. Please mix at a ratio of 4 parts mix, 1 part water, For example, 200g of Final Coat Mix and 50ml of water. This is colour matched to your background. Apply the final coat mix to the areas you have filled, in order to colour match it with your background. Again, you can use the brush to blend it. Once the colour is applied, allow it to be touch dry before continuing.

  5. Now the background is installed and dry, you can put in any substrate and décor, ready to house your reptile. Happy reptile keeping 😊

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