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Leopard Gecko Background's

Leopard Gecko
(Customer Gallery)

We don't just make backgrounds for Leopard Gecko's. Being loving owners of them for many years ourselves, they were one of the main reasons we were inspired to start making backgrounds back in 2012. Therefore, their husbandry and requirements is at the heart of our builds. The backgrounds are not just designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but to serve as a fully functional, naturalistic habitat. Providing many benefits to your Leopard Gecko.

  • Natural, abrasive rock texture - This provides the all important traction for your Leo to climb, helps aid with shedding and the natural sanding of their nails.

  • 3D rock ledges - These provide added levels, depth and usable space. Leopard Gecko's love to climb and be up a height, when given the opportunity. The multiple ledges also allow for a great variety of heat gradients and UVB levels, for your Leopard Gecko to take advantage of.​​

  • Hides - The three essential hides (warm, humid and cool) are all accommodated within the background's ground level. With multiple other hide points around the various levels of the background. ​​

Background + Sides, Option 1
Background Only, Option 1
Background + Sides, Option 2
Stand Alone Background
Stand Alone
Corner Background
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