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Our backrounds are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are designed to be a fully funcional tranformation to your reptiles enclosure and behaviour. 


The materials used provide a natural rock like texture which helps aid the reptile with traction. More importantly, it's abrasive properties also aid during shedding periods, natural sanding of claws and keeping those all important femoral pores clear.


Within the background, we build multiple 3D ledges and hides to enhance the reptile's habitat. This provides the reptile with additional space and areas to climb, bask and excersise, whilst also allowing multiple temperature gradients for your reptile to take advantage of.


Materials used are very carefully chosen to ensure they are durable and mould resistant to prevent any build up of bacteria, whilst being perfectly safe for your reptile.


*Please Note* All backgrounds are hand made to order and will differ slighly depending on the reptile species you input, with a turn around time of 28 days from placing order until delivery (We will build and dispatch sooner where possible)


Backgrounds measuring over 1m in length will be split into sections for delivery purposes. But, don't worry, we provide clear instructions and an assembly kit in this instance.



Background + Sides (A)

  • If air vent cut outs are required and you select "Yes" when placing an order, we will contact you after the order has been placed to obtain the vent locations and measurements.


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