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Leopard Gecko Full Set Up


We truly believe there is no off the shelf full setup for your Leopard Gecko better than ours. Every part of this setup has been carefully put together with passion, to provide your Leopard Gecko with the best naturalistic environment possible.

All the products used are very high quality, tried and tested for your peace of mind. Plus, with the addition of our custom, natural, 3D background, which you can not purchase anywhere else within the UK, it really makes this setup unique and one of a kind.

A full description of all products used within the setup can be viewed below;

VivExotic MAXI Medium Wooden Vivarium.png
Background + Sides (A) Leo (Brown)_edited.jpg
Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 80W_edited.p
Arcadia ShadeDwellar ProT5 7% UVB Kit.png
HabiStat Digital Dimming Thermostat_edited.png
Arcadia Pro Ceramic Lamp Holder E27.png
Exo Terra Gecko Cave - Medium.png

Vivarium - VivExotic Repti-Home MAXI Medium

The wooden vivarium that forms the base of this setup is large enough for a single Leopard Gecko to enjoy life to the full. Due to the added height of this viv it works perfect when paired with our 3D background, to provide multiple levels of space to climb and explore.

Measures 86.5 x 49 x 56cm.

Background - Lizard Heaven Background + Sides

The 3D, natural, rock textured background is the heart of this setup. Due to the extra height provided by the vivarium, it allows us to design the background to accommodate multiple levels. This provides your Leopard Gecko with additional space to climb and explore, multiple built in hides and a variety of temperature gradients for your gecko to utilize. 

Heat Source - Arcadia Deep Heat Projector 80W

  • Mimics heat from the sun using the latest in heating technology

  • Provides heat deep into the muscle tissue

  • Will not disturb night-time cycles

  • Wider/safer beam of heat

  • Projects Infrared A and B

  • Always use with a dimming thermostat

  • Always use with an accurate digital thermometer

  • Suitable for all reptiles

UVB - Arcadia ShadeDwellar ProT5 7% UVB Kit

  • Perfect for providing low levels of UVB

  • Sleek, stylish unit

  • Can be linked to other ProT5 units or Jungle Dawn LED bars

  • Versatile and easy to use

  • Built in, removeable reflector

  • T5 7% UVB tube included in kit

  • Flicker free operation

Thermostat - HabiStat Digital Dimming Day/Night Thermostat

  • Separate setting of daytime and night-time temperatures

  • Continual readout of current temperature and time

  • Power meter continually indicates percentage of power to the heater

  • Two separately timed circuits to control heaters, lighting or fans

  • Range of 0 - 50⁰C (32 - 122⁰F)

Lamp Holder - Arcadia Pro Ceramic E27

The Arcadia Reptile ‘Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket PRO’ is an easy to use and very versatile lamp holder. Made from quality components this lamp holder can be used with most heat sources up to 250W.

Humid Hide - Exo Terra Gecko Cave (Medium)

  • Secure hiding place for geckos, plus a cooler area to relax

  • Ideal hide for nesting in a sturdy design

  • Reduces levels of stress

  • Creates a moist nesting area when combined with moss

  • Sphagnum moss included

  • An attractive accessory with a natural look

Exo Terra Water Dish - Medium (4).png

Water Dish - Exo Terra Medium

Sometimes, robust simplicity is best and this Exo Terra Water Dish is just that - it's a simple yet effective way to give your reptile the water it needs to live and thrive in the environment you have built for them.


Made by the reptile experts over at Exo Terra, these water dishes are made from a non-porous resin to avoid the development of bacteria in the water and look like a realistic rock-pool - the kind of thing your reptile might drink from in the wild.


Supplements - Arcadia Supplement & Gutloader Starter Kit

Arcadia Earth Pro Supplement Starter Kit is an easy to use everyday supplement kit. Contains 4 essential mixes for vitamin and mineral provisions, shedding and insect live feeders: 

  • EarthPro-A, 50g

  • EarthPro Calcium Pro-Mg, 40g

  • EarthPro Shed Support, 5 capsules

  • Earth Pro Insect Fuel Gold (gel-based gut-loaded), 50g

  • A6 colour double-sided user guide A perfect starter kit for beginners and experts alike.

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