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Bearded Dragon


At Lizard Heaven, our priority is the welfare of the reptiles. With one of our great backgrounds, you can provide your reptile with the habitat to truly thrive.


All of our products are carefully developed and analysed before we offer them for sale.  We have been making custom backgrounds for over 10 years, in which time, we have observed the reptiles and adjusted the designs to suit their needs.

The backgrounds are custom made to suit all reptiles, amphibians, spiders and more.  Before the background is made, we may ask you some questions about your reptile species and size. We will even consider things like your reptiles companion, personality, or any special requirements it may need.

Our goal is to provide a natural, yet practical habitat for all household reptiles. We strongly believe we can achieve that with our range of products, as our passion lies with the reptiles.

We have been reptile and amphibian enthusiasts for over 15 years. Please meet some of our reptile friends, who have helped create our range of products ...

Our Bearded Dragon Drago


Our Bearded Dragon is full of character. Always active and hungry, never stops exploring and enjoys new things. He is the second oldest member of the family, having been with us for 11 years.

Leopard Gecko


He is the latest addition to the family. He is a juvenile full of personality. Quite the opposite to Happy, our other male Leo. Greg is a very sociable boy and loves to climb, Isn't shy to make an appearance throughout lights on and will often bask in the open.

Leopard Gecko


Happy has been with us for 7 years now. He still to this day is a little shy and prefers his time alone. He is an exceptional hunter and really thrives in the naturalistic setup.

Our Crested Gecko Spark


Meet our Crested Gecko Spark. He is the evening entertainer. Once the sun goes down, he is up and seeking attention. He is the oldest member of the family and been with us for 12 years now.


William Marshall Review.jpg


Great backgrounds at a really good price. Whilst communication could use a little work, it's hard to fault such good work at such affordable prices.

Stuart Cutler Review.jpg


Did a very good job of a tricky large Viv background for me. very helpful and knowledgeable.

harry excell review.jpg


Thanks. It looks really good and very impressed. Looks great in the tank..

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